Research & Analytics
Today’s technology has made the marketplace more transparent than ever. Despite this unprecedented level of access for the consumer, the information on its own is not useful. It’s the method of interpretation and analysis, and its subsequent application that sets professionals apart from the layman and, most importantly, can make the difference in a project’s success or failure. At Reuveni Real Estate, we provide our developer clients with heavily scrutinized and expertly analyzed data in order to build for the future. We closely evaluate global, national, and local economic and geopolitical conditions. We assess macro-, micro-, and site-specific markets. We continually track availability, pricing, absorption, DOB filings, pipeline, and offering plan submissions across New York City. We stay in tune with the latest in design and architecture, while also evaluating purchase habits and cyclical trends so that we can confidently advise clients on how to perfectly position themselves in the marketplace. Our singular ability to analyze data, backed by 30 years of experience in New York City’s complex and nuanced marketplace, produces a unique level of understanding that few can match.
Planning & Design
At Reuveni Real Estate, we think like real estate developers. We understand the need to achieve market-sensitive levels of quality while simultaneously realizing a targeted return on investment. We help clients deftly navigate the intricate balance between cost and quality by treating every project as entirely unique. Our breadth of experience and unique perspective allows us to take an active role in the development process from inception. We assist our developer clients in identifying sites and providing recommendations on acquisitions and pro formas and, as needed, help establish the most appropriate team of ancillary professionals including architects, interior designers, engineering and MEP consultants, contractors, attorneys, and capital partners. Our input and recommendations are always with consideration to a project’s budget and timeline and have a profound impact on the schematic and design development processes including; unit mix, blocking, floorplans, amenity programming, mechanical systems, and interior design. Throughout the planning and design process, we continually gauge the market and provide insight on data and trends that will inform how we position the subject asset. This unique skill set not only gives our clients a competitive edge but, most importantly, adds to their bottom line.
Marketing & Branding
Each project has its own story to tell, its own soul, its own unique place in the larger narrative of the city and the marketplace. We guide and manage third-party creative and PR firms, acting as interpreters for the project’s unique features, core themes and target buyer demographic, which in turn translate into engaging, meaningful, and unique brand identities. We think beyond traditional real estate marketing tropes by borrowing from the ever-evolving worlds of design, fashion, and art. This, coupled with our unique market insight and extensive and varied portfolio, means that our project specific campaigns are relevant and always respect the individuality of each property.
Brokerage & Sales
Market conditions are cyclical and in constant flux, and challenging times call for changes to the status quo of traditional sales strategies. We strategically assemble teams and devise matchless sales techniques to engage the market. We are the creators of unique sales trends, embracing “the new” while knowing when and how to employ “the tried-and-true.” Our ability to manage marketing campaigns with the brokerage community, interpret and adapt to buyer and broker feedback, smartly control and manage inventory, and intelligently steer the negotiation process, assures the highest rate of success for our clients, regardless of market conditions. The deep vested interest and personal relationship we have with our projects is evident in the passion that comes through with every deal and every showing. From sponsor sales to re-sales, end-users to investors, rentals and 1031 exchanges, our scope of transactional services runs the gamut from initial conversation to successful closing.
In addition to a full suite of marketing and sales services, Reuveni Real Estate offers an ad hoc consultancy platform for residential developers and their capital partners, architects, interior designers, engineering and construction firms, branding firms, and other brokerage professionals. Our thorough, discreet, high-level presentations are tailored to specific client needs and include; Research and Analytics, Predevelopment Planning and Design, Marketing and Branding, Brokerage and Sales.