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Annie Stishov
Project Coordinator

Like many, Annie started working in Real Estate by chance but stayed by choice. After working in the Art world, first planning large-scale galas for non-profit museums and foundations in college, then managing a French Artist and a small gallery space, she became intrigued by real estate. Her goal was to find a niche where she can draw from her previous experience and love for the Arts while transitioning into a more feasible industry. Where does Art meet Real Estate? Luxury. She began working for small teams, learning about the business, later joining Compass, all to gain enough exposure that would help open doors into the world of New Developments.

Annie received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Pace University. Originally from Moscow, Russia but born in France, she speaks both Russian and French. Outside work her curiosity is fed by literature, art, theater, and film as well as traveling and writing.

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